• Filtrele

All-in-One Multimedia Scale

CL7200 is a multimedia scale which allows automatic history management system through individual identification numbers.

• Automatic history management function 
• 10.2 \"touchpad (user) and Full color 7 \" displaay (consumer) applied 
• Supports video clips with Linux-base multimedia scale 
• Convenient remote update function


Et ve et ürünlerindeki hayvancılık izlenebilirlik sistemini destekler.

CL5500 Serisi güçlü bir network alt yapısına sahiptir ve bu altyapı sayesinde sahada kullanılan terazilerde etkin bir yönetim sağlar.

• Güçlü network ağı. 
• Yüksek kapasiteli plu hafızası. 
• Yüksek hızlı printer.
• Kablosuz bağlantı (Wi-Fi ) ve Powerline desteği.

CL 5200

Anytime! Anywhere! Anyplace!Anyshop Scale

CL5200 is a product that has acquired OIML 2006, a stringent European certification and is a product appropriate for various distribution market with its large size full graphic display integrated into 1 screen with reasonable price.

• High capacity memory which can save 10,000 products and 1,000 components 
• Cartridge method for easy replacement of labels 
• 45 basic label formats built-in 
• Enables label format settings according to user preference


Label Printing Scale

CL5000J series is the most effective business.

• High-speed thermal printer
• Fast PLU down load: 50PLUs/sec
• Cartridge -loading-type label installation


Price Indication Scale

Price Indication Scale is a price indication scale that enables a more accurate weighing measurements with its Dual interval method

• 28 direct PLU and 200 indirect PLU memory 
• More accurate weight measurements with Dual interval method 
• Easy and convenient operation 
• Daily total transaction settlement function

  • ER PLUS 
  • Price Computing Scale
  • ER PLUS Price Indication Scale is a price indication scale which calculates
  • • 5 direct PLU and 200 indirect PLU memory 
    • Soft Tact switch 
    • RS-232C interface (PC/printer connection)
    • Daily total transaction settlement function
EB-WL (1)
  • EB 
  • Distribution Bench Scale
  • suitable for various environments such as manufacturing industry, agricultural industry, packaging industry and agriculture and fisheries industries.
  • • 200 unit price memory : 24 product unit price can be inserted directly 
    • Accurate weight measurements with dual interval method 
    • Uses chargeable batteries 
    • Sleep mode for power-saving
Kategori: Meyve & Sebze
  • SW-1W(R) Su Geçirmez Tartım Terazisi
  • Wateproof(Basic) Scale
  • SW-1WR Series is protected from water and dust so its completely waterproof structure makes it suitable to be used in the fisheries market.
  • • IP66 dust protection/waterproof grade 
    • Bright and clear LED display unit 
    • Stainless steel carrier 
    • Auto power-off function to save battery

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