• Filtrele


PDI Kasa Terazisi
• Soft Tact switch 
• RS-232C interface (PC/printer connection)


Weighing & Counting Scale

SW-II is great for multipurpose environment such as restaurants, cafeterias, farmer\'s markets, especially those who have limited room for a scale.

• Lowered Body with large LCD Display
• Rear Display for customers (Optional)
• Counting Mode for all SW-II series
• USB communication & power supply


CP500 Seramik Terazi

Environment-friendly Ceramic Scale

CP500 utilizes environment-friendly ceramic tray and GUI, making it a hygienic and smart premium electronic scale.

• High capacity lithium ion battery applied (sub display)
• Resistive overlay touch method color display 
• Compatible with POS using WiFi communication 
• Sub display connection with RF communication

  • Waterproof Scale
  • FW500 Series enables high temperature and high pressure cleaning with big size stainless steel carrier and IP69k waterproof structure.
  • • IP69k waterproof structure
    • Wide stainless steel carrier 
    • Fast and accurate weighing performance (1/3,000 [Dual Interval] 
    • Auto power-off function


  • SH Tartım Terazisi
  • Smart Weighing Scale
  • SH can be used by anyone easily thanks to its easy operation and its compact design maximizes spatial use.
  • • Simple and easy operation method 
    • Load Cell Liock Device added 
    • Products can be stacked and stored without slipping 
    • Energy-saving auto OFF function
  • RE 
  • Pocket-type Scale
  • RE is a portable scale which can be used anywhere without electricity.
  • • Portable so it can be used anywhere without electricity 
    • Has the best precision out of portable scales 
    • Easy weight fixation 
    • Auto power-off function for energy-saving

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